Ten Million Fireflies

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Anonymous asked: And that was supposed to be scorchingly hot not accordingly hot. Autocorrect gets me every time.

Aha, scorchingly hot I can agree with. XD

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Anonymous asked: Is it weird that the way you describe Phatty makes me think of Bane? Also, TPG Bane wanting John to be safe and his does things to me. I think Bane watching Blake and Barsard is accordingly hot but I like the possessive Bane even more.

XD The way I describe Duncan makes some people think of Bane and Phatty is Duncan’s spiritual cat twin, so I’m not surprised. I guess we just have to accept that Bane is a fat domestic housepet.

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he’s so cute omg *rolls*

I adore him. The camera really doesn’t adequately show how truly enormous he is. He is so big and perfect. I wish he was my cat. :’( (Minmin too, since they’re a package deal.)

Story time: I brushed him today, since he’s a little matted - too fat to groom everywhere and Minmin only seems to lick his head. I was able to work some mats out and he kept jerking his head around toward my hand, and I thought he didn’t like it. Phatty is very poker-faced and never seems to react to anything. I love on him all the time and get nothing more than a placid blink in response. He just sits on his bed and watches everything, making that (kinda judgemental, according to Bear) face. So he kept jerking his head while I brushed and then, finally, he managed to roll himself onto his side and butt his head into my hand, and I felt him purring. He liked it! My heart melted. Phatty likes me. I’m so happy.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, Whisky! I know there's probably no way for me to prove it, but I'm the one who sent in the Barsad/Blake: “Look at me - just breathe, okay?” and Bane/Blake: "I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere." I just wanted to say thank you! Both of them were fantastic! Especially the Barsad/Blake, I just melted with all the feels. You should definitely write more BarBlake in that verse cause... wow, just amazing. So anyway THANK YOU! Can't wait to read more from you. You rock Whiskey!

Eeee! I’m so glad you liked! Thanks! Hopefully there will be more TPG Barblake to come. If not written by me, than by someone else…? :D

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Anonymous asked: Do you think bane would ever want in on the action between barsad x Blake? Does he have those type of feelings for barsad in your opinion? Just a curious question. :)

Noooo. XD That is not a place Bane and Barsad want to go with each other. They are like actual brothers - comfortable with each other and deeply trusting (most of the time) - and there are boundaries they neither need nor want to cross. XD But I dunno. Bane may wanna watch some time?

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So he was suspicious even before they started having sex? huh. poor bane :(

I don’t think he suspects them of having sex or anything right now (in TPG), just that Barsad has designs on his John or something, probably. He’s just very insecure and wants John to be safe and his. How can John be safe if he’s someone else’s! But John’s not going anywhere.

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Phatty and Minmin test ALL the beds. Just in case. Even the ones they barely fit in. As a service to the other cats.

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